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Running Foreducation
Ana-Maria Bilciu

Throughout university, I have held various positions within Education – I have been elected as Department Chair, Vice-Chair, Course Representative, Peer Mentor, and contributed to the Peer-Support Sub-Committee; I have also held the voluntary position of International Development Officer on the Executive Team. These opportunities have helped me develop what I believe to be the skills required to be your next Education EO. If elected, I would like to further promote the 2018/2019 Education Priorities, and focus on:

Education Day: Help each department conduct an ‘Education Day’ during Freshers’ Week, to promote SU’s support mechanisms – Student Voice streams, Department Committees and School Presidents – so students are aware of the opportunities and support offered.
Timetable + Learn: Events conducted by the support mechanisms added to timetables, ensuring awareness and encouraging participation.
Placement + Abroad: Regular communication with key updates from departments, combatting isolation.

Selection Process: Students running for education leadership voluntary positions (e.g. Department Chair, School President) will answer thoughtful questions, ensuring they understand and are fit for the role, replacing the generic manifesto.
Cohort Feedback: An electronic inbox for each department, overseen by the relevant volunteers; all students would be encouraged to voice their suggestions and opinions, contributing towards larger cohort engagement.

Improved Exam Feedback: Work towards allowing more students to view their exam manuscripts, helping improve the individual feedback system post-exams, to potentially increase clarity in exam technique and style.
Lecturer Engagement: Increase lecturer awareness of education support mechanisms, bridging the gap between the SU and academics.

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