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Running Forvice president
Darcey Dunne

During my meeting with members of senior management, we discussed firstly how the union would benefit from computer components within west park and village to improve service accessibility and also the strategic plans for the upcoming year with regards to the union’s rebuild.

I strongly believe that the development of the new union should be student facilitated. If elected, I would ensure that sufficient time is taken to find out what students would like within the new building, designing it to meet these wants and needs, ensuring your expectations are exceeded.

Loughborough university has been inspiring winners of all minorities since 1909; I believe we can do more to incorporate and embrace these differences through additional international events celebrating the variety of cultures within our campus, wider advertising and support for LGBTQ+ community events, available prayer rooms across campus to support students with religious commitments, representation and support within halls of religious and cultural societies, inclusive IMS sporting events such as blind football on a more regular basis and finally, wider departmental support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, because everybody deserves to be a winner at Loughborough.

Executive buddies are needed to support the hall committees more effectively in order to ensure that freshers feel supported by the union upon arrival and the newly elected committee members have assistance in running such a large-scale operation. Periods such as changeover and freshers preparations could also be made more constructive with combined use of the buddy system and planning advice for committees.

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