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Farid Yusuf

I’m a postgraduate student currently studying MSc Information Management and Business Technology. I’m a member of the Loughborough boxing club, also the course representative for my course and I would like to make an impact in the sport life of every student. I am fully dedicated and passionate about any task given to me. I’ve been involved in setting up competitions back in Nigeria, two football tournaments were organized by my own personal company.

As your Sport Executive Officer, I will be focused on ensuring the needs and also the problems encountered by the Athletic Union are all looked into and tackled by the University. If eventually I am elected for the role, I would like to add a postgraduate feeling to the Athletic union because I noticed most of the postgraduate students are not involved in the sport life of the University.

Nonetheless, I will be willing to fight for not only the students but also the whole Athletic Union Team:

  • By ensuring the strategies and plans of the Athletic Union Executive Team are directed towards empowering and also strengthening the entire sport image of the University.
  • Working alongside the sabbatical officers (trustee committee) and other important Union staff to ensure the sport life of the University is never dull.
  • Working out solutions to the constant problem of the late arrival and expensive nature of the customized sport club kits.

In Unity, there’s strength and together we can make history happen.