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Running Forsport
Ioan Tolosano

If elected, I will aim to improve:

Student Experience:

I would like to be able to provide more opportunities for students and volunteers to get involved, by increasing the current visibility of other strands and their offers, as there is current a primary focus on the AU e.g. Freshers Sports Bazaar. An idea I deduce to be feasible by utilising the current Students Sports Senate to identify student needs and how they fit into the individual strands.


With Cost of sport being on a continuous rise, I believe we can’t completely control this aspect, but we can create a positive reaction to it. Working alongside the BUCS Stability panel, I would ensure that costs are optimised without impacting the student experience, as well as working with club committees to try and increase budget sustainability through the use of fundraising events, developing sponsorships and alumni donations.


Communication is a key branch for Loughborough sport, to provide our students a playing experience as well as a viewing experience. I would look not only to carry out the current strategical plan to improve communication set up between AU clubs and other strands, but also look into developing our promotional content. By working with Marketing, LSU Media, and the AU events officer to identify the most efficient ways to promote our major sporting events, as well as improving the accessibility of our outlets e.g. upgrading the student sport magazine (WoW) to a digital format.