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Luke Wheeler


  • Increase participation through effective communication on events; take on board students’ views about what is wanted of the Union. Although this is raised every year, there’s often a saturation of ideas; different input is needed, which I am confident I can bring.
  • Reciprocity in communication; e.g. listening to students’ views on what the new Union building needs. Regarding the new building, I’ll push for plans to split the Union geographically across campus so that services are more accessible.
  • Explore ways to reduce isolation among students; the Refreshers Bazaar, for example, is a missed opportunity – it's an event at a crucial time where students should have another chance to find their home away from home, when perhaps it’s not happened by the year’s midpoint. It should be more like the Freshers’ Bazaar.

Elections/Developing Student Leaders

  • Revise elective processes within halls; sections; clubs to increase candidate numbers, ensuring the best possible candidates are elected. I’ve had great success encouraging wide ranges of students to stand in hall elections and want to implement my ideas.
  • Making sure the correct developmental processes are in place, allowing student leaders to receive the correct training and guidance to thrive in their positions.

Leading/managing a changing team

  • Manage changes to the Executive structure; support its implementation by working closely with permanent LSU staff; work together with Officers to ensure a smooth transition; empower section chairs to make decisions that develop their section. Stress the importance of long-term, sustainable plans to run parallel with long-term Union expansion.
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