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Matt Leonard

I’m Matt and I’m running to be your Sport Executive Officer. Throughout my time at Loughborough I’ve engaged in a variety of roles from MyLifestyle Committee, to my current role on AU Exec, alongside being heavily involved in IMS. My experiences have given me a well-rounded knowledge of the sport and recreation offer, which are key to supporting all areas of sport here.

If elected I will improve:

Encouraging greater collaboration across sport and between groups such as International and Erasmus Students; to enable engagement in sport and wide spread accessibility. Through greater collaboration with LSU Media and Loughborough Sport to develop better marketing, and better programme integration for all areas of sport from MyLifestyle to the Athletic Union.

I aim to tackle communication issues such as sports section heads contacting students with opportunities, students contacting section heads to voice opinions & providing feedback for improvements, and cross section communication between sporting programmes to share information and resources to further collaboration.

Development Opportunities
I will increase tailored opportunities for committee members and coaches overseeing programmes and clubs, whilst better signposting current opportunities. Greater support and development of these individuals could drive further development of the sporting experience at Loughborough.

Long-term Vision
Develop a shared vision for student sport that is transparent for all students. Support programme committees, and AU Clubs towards their visions in order to address the challenge of turnover and inconsistency ensuring new committees are building on the last; working toward a shared sport vision.