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Running Forwelfare and diversity
Matt Youngs

Loughborough Fringe

  • Create a central programme of events for students who do not always value alcohol as an integral part of entertainment.
  • With more students choosing to drink less alcohol, but with not enough events to match this trend, the Loughborough Fringe will provide an opportunity to create a holistic and enjoyable Freshers experience for more students.
  • The Loughborough Fringe will be launched for Freshers 2019 continuing throughout the year with regular flagship events, such as Loughborough’s Got Talent, Self-care Sundays, and the Body Positivity Fashion Show.

Welfare & Diversity Champions

  • Launch a scheme for students and staff of LSU and Loughborough University to become ‘Champions’ of Welfare & Diversity associations.
  • Developed around three core principles (education, attendance and promotion), the scheme will allow students and staff to obtain campus-recognised credentials to show they support minority groups and welfare-related topics.
  • The scheme provides more visible signposting (online and through Champion stickers) for students to seek guidance and feel better supported in Departments and Halls.

Executive Leadership

  • Introduce regular inter-sectional meetings with student-led committees across campus to feedback and address current welfare and diversity issues directly to the Executive Officer.
  • Take issues raised from these meetings to the LSU Executives and University leadership groups, to ensure an efficient and effective reaction to immediate student concerns.
  • Tackle current student concerns, such as sexual consent, mental health support and equality of opportunity for all, by immediately meeting with Union and University leadership to facilitate existing points of action for the upcoming academic year.
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