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Salomé Doré

1. Experience & Continuity
LSU is going through many significant changes, including the exec restructure and an internal staff restructure. Therefore, LSU needs someone who has experience and knows the staff, the procedures, the union as well as our stakeholders and customers. Having been a member of the Executive, first as the International DO, and then as the Welfare & Diversity EO, I can bring the experience that LSU needs.

2. Transparency & Communications
LSU needs to be clearer, more open and transparent about how it works internally. To improve this, I would like to:

  • Release termly reports, which will include what changes LSU and the executive have been working on.
  • Have a basic outline of LSU’s budget accessible online as well as the internal staff structure.

3. Representation & Disengaged students
LSU has been good at catering for the needs of its main population, but it is time to adapt to our diverse and changing customers. For this, I:

  • Will have a ‘suggestion box’ available in the union for students to voice their opinions/ideas anonymously.
  • Will have a weekly hour drop in session for anyone to come and discuss any ideas or issues they might have.
  • Will listen to our students through surveys.

4. Food options
I will make sure to review what LSU offers, in particular:

  • Adapt JC’s to students, by making it more affordable and give it more of a student feel.
  • Work on having more healthy and diverse options.
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