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Lewis Bates

Hi my name is Lewis Bates and I am running for the position of college president because I want to make a change in the way things are done here in Loughborough College. I have been a student here for almost two years thus meaning I know the feelings of the students and their feelings toward the college I am the person to make those changes happen.

  • I know that there have been certain issues between the students and management especially concerning the contacting of guardians around issues such as lateness and absences. I promise to work with the management to provide a more amicable system for everyone addressing the specific needs of the individual student.
  • I know many people have complained of the lack of space on floor three of S block moreover the lack of seating. I promise to address this lack of seating as I have seen on multiple occasion’s students sharing seats just so they can sit next to their friends.
  • I know many students take issue with the prices in the shop therefore I will work to make the prices in the shop more affordable for every student as no one should have to walk into town at lunch every day with which they could be using the time to study to get a reasonably priced meal deal.

I believe that these policies will help to create a collage that is not just for select groups but all of us. We the students have spoken!