Individual Responsibilities
  • To be the elected lead responsible for the delivery of student fundraising for Loughborough Students’ Union.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of fundraising opportunities for students at Loughborough.
  • To be an advocate for fundraising and raising money for causes close to our students hearts.
  • To act as a central contact point for the student body regarding fundraising opportunities, as well as promotion of the impact our fundraising has on individuals and groups.
  • Uphold the Rag Constitution by leading and managing the Rag committee and working with them alongside Hall Representatives and Project leaders.
  • Record fundraising totals and the fundraisings Halls League table.
  • Proactively engage external partners including those within the University and local communities
  • To support and facilitate international fundraising trips and projects
  • To report into the Students’ Union Vice President.
  • To work alongside the sabbatical and staff teams to develop and deliver a one year plan which works towards the long term aims of the students union.