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Wondering who RON is?

If you believe that NONE of the candidates up for election are suitable for the post; then SELECT RON (Re-Open Nominations).

In all of our elections, for all positions, you will see a candidate called RON.

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations.

A vote for RON is a vote for ‘none of the above’ or a vote for a new election, this allows students to effectively vote against candidates generally in an otherwise uncontested election. RON acts as a final check and balance against unsuitable candidates and can be used as a second or subsequent preference. RON is treated just like a candidate in the count and if RON wins, all remaining candidates lose and the whole elections is run again with different candidates.
Note: Voting for RON is an active vote AGAINST the remaining candidates. To express indifference, choose 'No Further Preference'.

If Re-Open Nominations is elected to any position then nominations for the election will be re-opened at a later date and the election for that position may be held in the next election period.
Voting for RON is an active vote towards an outcome rather than abstaining which is a passive vote with no effect on the outcome.

Don’t be prepared to vote for someone to represent you if you genuinely don’t think they are the best person for the job. Equally, don’t think that not voting will help either.
The winners of these elections are the voice of you, the students of Loughborough, and will represent you throughout 2019-2020 to ensure the services that LSU delivers are right for you.

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