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Abby Reynolds

Societies have made my Loughborough experience: I’ve sat on Video Game Society committee for 3 years - 2 as chair - had the amazing experience of Societies Exec, as Events Coordinator and General Interest Representative, and I’m now working for an organisation providing help and sponsorship to UK societies as a Community Events Coordinator.

If elected, I will build on top of existing work to provided extra support through:

Society Handbook

The new recognition scheme will appreciate committee for their achievements. One of the problems with turning goals into achievements is accessibility to information and support, as well as confusing admin work.

Whilst this cannot be removed, it can be streamlined. From existing templates, information can be centralised and updated to provide structure and direction for committees, minimising apprehension and questions around rules.

Provide committees, especially new societies, the opportunity to have 1-1 meetings to ensure they are aware of the facilities and support the LSU has, meaning they do not struggle alone.

Also, through publishing my calendar and advertising drop-in sessions, all chairs will know when they can drop into the office for a chat.

Anonymous Feedback Form
Giving those that’re unconfident in airing feedback in meetings will push the section to advance to meet their needs, whilst giving extra opportunities to feedback outside of meetings.

Thanks for reading! With committee skills and heaps of event expertise, I will work hard to streamline the committee experience, making it easier to create your home away from home <3

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