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Running Forenterprise and employability
Ashleigh Ponder

Enterprise is for everyone and entrepreneurial skills enhance all aspects of University life. Time management, decisiveness and a willingness to take appropriate risks are skills that develop us as future employees and potential business owners. Feeling capable and proud of our talents will improve how we carry ourselves in our professional and personal lives now and after we graduate.

I want to use my experiences of running my own start up – the highs, lows and obstacles - to support the personal and professional development of as many students as I can. Events I will run if elected will revolve around equipping Loughborough’s students with the skills and confidence to set a solid foundation to support any current and future goals.

I will develop a student shop and skill share to connect ideas, people and talents. We are an amazingly diverse student body who shall form the next generation of start-ups and enterprises. We can complement each other with our different skills – so providing more ways to form partnerships will help more ideas be brought to life. A skill share & shop would be a friendly networking location and a showcase for our hard work.

Enterprising students are adaptable, creative and fulfilled – something everyone at Loughborough can be. Vote for me as your Enterprise Section Chair and I promise that I will use my passion to develop the section and support students with even more opportunities to strengthen career and business skills. Let’s start a new wave of successful enterprises together.

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