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Running Forau clubs officer
James Greer

Hi, I’m James Greer and I’m running to be your Athletic Union Clubs Officer. As AU welfare officer, I believe I have acquired good communication and organisational skills to compliment the passion and dedication I have to drive the AU forward. My ambitions as clubs officer follow 3 main points outlined below:

Support and review:
Currently general meetings lack in clubs voicing issues and questions they have. To resolve this, I would create an AU clubs evening each semester where clubs can voice opinions for AU executives to review and resolve. I also want coaches to have better understanding of the AU by hosting information workshops that will include athlete welfare education and support for coaches.

I will work towards establishing a stronger communications network with clubs and a communications procedure with kukri where clubs can receive consistent updates relating to kit. I also wish to attend committee meetings where we can work together to overcome challenges that clubs face.

Training and Development opportunities:
Utilising the AU website, I would create a platform called ‘the AU hub’. Clubs will have access to AU workshops that will develop knowledge and expertise ranging from welfare training to sponsorship and fundraising support. The platform will also give members access to nutrition, physiotherapy and CVA opportunities.

Most importantly, I will aim to create a trustworthy and friendly relationship with all clubs that will ignite unity and growth for our AU. I hope to expand these ideas by talking to you during campaign week.

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