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Maz Di Felice

From starting as a Rag representative to working for an international charity on my placement year, before becoming a dedicated member of Rag committee and a team leader, I am now running to become the next Rag Chair. The aims of my campaign include:

Facilitating diverse fundraising
Many individuals desire to fundraise for charities they believe in, feel connected to, or from personal experiences. I deduce by facilitating this process, through collecting resources from charities outside of our core partners, encouraging and supporting individual fundraisers, participation in Rag will increase, in conjunction with LSU’s five-year plan, and supporting more charities.

Increasing charity presence
Charity representatives mainly support our international trips, visiting campus for Choose a challenge evening and information meetings. Developing a relationship outside of these by inviting more charity partners to campus in conjunction with Rag events and other section events, will increase students’ engagement with different charities, further helping raise awareness.

Developing communication and opportunities
Increasing communication across hall representatives and sections within Rag will improve opportunities to run events. Through establishing 1-2-1 meetings with hall reps focusing on promoting mental health, they will feel more supported organising and running events, providing further support if needed. Other communication will allow me to advertise charity opportunities outside of campus, for example, internships or volunteering opportunities, enabling insights into charity work and career options.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.

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