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Running Foraction
Pippa Baynham

Hi, I’m Pippa. I’m running for the position of Action Chair because of my love for the section and dedication to volunteering and helping the local community. If elected I would make it my mission to ensure that Action reaches the hearts of as many students as possible.

Increase accessibility of Action

  • Strengthen the advertisement of departmental projects to enhance engagement with off campus volunteers.
  • Support department student involvement officer’s (SIO’s) to target a wider range of students, whilst maintaining the current support available to hall representatives.
  • Introduce an easy way to sign up to projects throughout the year.

Improve financial organisation

  • Implement budgeting workshops to ensure those in positions of responsibility are spending money effectively and for the good of the community.
  • Assist section heads in providing guidance and support to project leaders regarding spending throughout the year.
  • Continue work with ‘Enterprise and Employability’ to obtain more sponsorship for projects.

Exceeding on excellence

  • Develop an online platform for handover documents and extensive information on projects to be available to section heads and project leaders.
  • Create a ‘Welcome to Action’ pack that provides an overview of the section. This will include policies, procedures and ‘how to guides’ to ensure that those in positions of responsibility have equal understanding.
  • Emphasise the constitutional changes, which involves introducing safeguarding to project leaders, hall representatives and department SIO training.
  • Ensure the relationship established with other sections is maintained.
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