Trustee Responsibilities
  • The Sabbatical Officers are the primary representatives of the student body. They promote the interests of our members at institutional, local, national and international levels to achieve direct benefits for students.
  • Sabbaticals are responsible for ensuring that the aims, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the policies of Loughborough Students’ Union are upheld.
  • The Executive Committee are Trustees of Loughborough Students’ Union. As such they are responsible for: –
    • Working collectively and with the Union Director and other senior staff to ensure that Loughborough Students’ Union has a clear vision and strategy that recognises its values and meets the needs of its members,
    • Financial scrutiny of management accounts,
    • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of Loughborough Students’ Union against targets and ensuring that it is focussed on achieving its strategic goals,
    • Participating in recruitment panels,
    • Complying with good governance principles in finance, employment and the law, ensuring that guidance from relevant bodies is followed,
    • Managing and implementing projects in line with strategic plans and Union policy,
    • Applying Union policy to service provision by working with management,
    • Supporting all committees and part-time officers in carrying out their duties effectively,
    • Ensuring all stakeholders’ views are represented and needs considered,
    • Reporting regularly to Union Meetings on individual areas of responsibility and activity,
    • Communicating effectively with members within the Students’ Union,
    • Acting as a conduit for dialogue between students and their institutions, the University and College.
  • To commit to reducing the Students’ Union environmental impact and promote environmental and ethical good practice.
  • Provides a student input by working with staff to ensure our membership and commercial services meet the needs of students
  • The above duties to be carried out with due regard to the Union’s policies on health and Safety, Safeguarding and Customer Care and Equal Opportunities.

Individual Responsibilities
  • As Athletic Union President, be responsible for guiding the strategic direction and overall operation of the AU and ensure targets are met for continued development.
  • As Athletic Union President, lead the Athletic Union Executive Team in scheduled meetings and major, strategic decision making.
  • Be the major budget holder for the Athletic Union and take the necessary steps to ensure its fiscal health.
  • Support and represent the best interests of students in all areas of sport at Loughborough in decision making with University Committees, SDC Partners, Board of Trustees, and external organisations.
  • Drive the promotion and education of the sporting offer available and be able to signpost students towards the relevant opportunity.
  • Chair the Sport Senate; the group of student leads within sport at Loughborough, and drive the body forward into implementing student views and effecting change in the student sport climate.
  • Assist the Athletic Union Clubs Officer in maintaining the smooth running of the AU in it’s events throughout the year, ensuring the best possible experience for its members.
  • Assist the Athletic Union Clubs Officer in the operational running of the Athletic Union and its clubs, including but not limited to; club activity, finance, governance and policy.